The Freedom Series

This body of work is all about energy, movement and freedom. Combining sweeping abstract brushstrokes and realistic bird paintings, it is my hope that the energy and love I have poured into these paintings comes across, and they are viewed as joyful and uplifting. In this series, they are less about the specific birds and more about the act of flying and the freedom and joy that I imagine it to feel like.




I've called it Dreamers because the girls in these paintings are representing my own idea of freeing the mind. Like dreaming, when our subconscious mind takes over for a few hours and we can be anywhere and do anything. Or like meditating when we clear our minds of the every day aspects of life and can momentarily transport ourself to another place, where we are completely free from our worries and concerns.


I've painted these using watcolours on paper, using negative space in a minimalist, contemporary way by combining both detailed, realistic faces with more abstract painterly elements. It's about adding and subtracting until the balance is just right.

Watercolour Birds

Loose watercolour washes and strokes give a dreamy ‘other worldy’ feel to these bird portraits.


With these watercolour paintings I have enjoyed the playful process of controlling the marks to make a recognisable face and letting the paint ‘do it’s beautiful thing’ for the rest with wet-on-wet techniques