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My new studio – before and after photos

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

A few months ago, my husband and two clever and very strong men renovated my studio by knocking down a wall making two rooms into one. I am forever grateful for all their hard work because now I have twice the space to create and can seperate my studio into a clean and messy area.

Maria Harding in her artist studio

Here's the messy/painting area, where I can spill paint and resin and relax knowing that my computer and fine art prints are safe and out of the way in the other end of the studio.

And here's the computer & printing area. I love this large painting by my artist friend Joi Murugavell, it really brightens up the corner and helps cheer me up when I'm doing my sometimes not so exciting computer work.

More pics below, including a 'before' photo when the wall had just been knocked down with bricks everywhere and another pic of my little dogs who keep me company most days :)

Maria Harding's artist studio

Maria Harding's plan cabinet chest of drawers

My dogs love hanging out with me in my studio

Maria Harding working in her studio

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