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Installed! Staircase art at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

Updated: Aug 3

Last month, I had a fantastic opportunity to design an 8-metre wide artwork for The Blue Mountains Cultural Centre entrance staircase. The brief was 'the artwork should enliven and enhance the urban streetscape surrounding the Cultural Centre' and my idea was to create a painting that featured a native bird to the Blue Mountains combined with expressive abstract brush strokes in a similar way to my Freedom series.

We decided on a female satin bowerbird, they are a beautiful olive green and pale yellow with purple/blue eyes and I have deliberately enhanced the colours here to show her off in all her glory.

Here I am with the finished artwork, titled 'Bound for a Bower' and installed as panels on the stairs. If you are in the area, come check it out!

I also made a 2-min time lapse video showing a behind the scenes view into the process. Turn the sound on to enjoy some relaxing Bach music while you watch.

Thanks to Chris Farrell Nature Photography for the reference photo of the bird.


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