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Maria Harding Art: contemporary paintings of animals and humans with a tiny sprinkling of magic and whimsy

"It is my goal to add a sprinkle of colour and joy to your life through my artworks."


Hi, I’m Maria and I’m an artist based in the Blue Mountains, NSW. I paint animals and humans in a contemporary style, combining realism with abstraction and a splash of colour.

If I were to come back to this world as an animal it would be a bird. I love birds in all their varieties and find them inspiring for my work – to me they symbolize freedom with their magical ability to fly, and for both human beings and animals alike, I believe we should all have the right to freedom. 


I work with all types of paint, often swapping between watercolours, acrylics, inks or oils depending on my mood, but my current obsession is using oil paints. I am constantly pushing my creative practice to try out new ideas, with each painting taking me on a path of discovery that leads onto the next.


My new series of works are a celebration of colour, movement and birds, exploring a central theme of freedom.


So feel free to browse around, and if you are interested in finding out about my personal story and purpose behind the paintings, head on over to my about page. If you have any questions at all, you can email me  - I'd love to hear from you and promise I personally respond to all emails.