The Freedom Series

I paint birds because, to me, they symbolise freedom with their magical ability to fly, and for both humans and animals alike, I believe we should all have the right to freedom.


My aim is to capture the sense of joy that I imagine birds have when they are flying high above us. On the ground, they often appear fearful, making short, quick movements and always on the lookout for any danger. In contrast, in the sky, they are free and in control, with no predators or boundaries.


After experimenting with different paints, I found that the combination of acrylics and oils work best for me. My process is to paint intuitively using loose abstract acrylic brushstrokes, then using oils to add in the birds in a way that I feel compliments the background colours and forms.


Each and every one of my paintings’ essence is symbolic of the hero’s journey ending – when after a long search, the hero has finally found what they were looking for. They are an acknowledgment of everything that us humans go through and overcome in our messy, imperfect lives and that amazing feeling we all get when we are in the flow and time stops. Pressing pause on a moment in time when we can feel like we are flying like birds, with ease and grace in the sky.




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